I can never thank 11East68th.com enough for giving me a new home. It was Kevin who assisted me. I instantly fell in love with the unit he had shown me. It was not too small for a condominium, and include amenities I could only dream of. It includes two rooms which gave my only daughter Cheska a chance to have her own space. – Myrna D.

It was an immediate search for me. I was panicking on making the last minute decision to transfer. Good thing 11East68th.com was recommended by my friend. My purchase of my present home now was hassle-free and very convenient. Plus, I do not have to pay any extra just for the space to be ready several days after. All the documents were already prepared and just needed my signature on it. This was insofar one of the best investments I made. – Robert John

11East68th.com? Highly recommended. Their staff is very helpful when I consulted regarding the property they have for lease. Their portfolio is brilliant, and their representatives obviously know what they are doing. They do not even flinch under my scrutiny and they are game to answer my questions regarding their properties. I know I get obsessive compulsive at times, but they manage to handle it well. I never had regrets. – Cynthia VD

It was out of desperation that I decided to contact 11East68th.com and when I did, I wondered why it took me so long! They were the answer to my prayers when I approached them last year. We instantly clicked and the choices for properties they gave me were nothing short than amazing. They are even very affordable without compromising the quality of the houses they offer. I’ll definitely recommend them to my friends. -Bricks B

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